Misfits the Art

That expression! The position of her hand. That look. The body language. We’ve all sat on this old couch at some point in our lives.

I fell in love with this vintage photo the moment I discovered it and decided to paint it as a title piece for the show. Hopefully, I have captured the essence of what made me smile the first time I discovered it.

A complete list of artwork and prices can be found here.

Misfits the Title

Not quite fitting in. On the outside looking in. Square peg. My kind of people.

The show title is a recognition of my journey to discover who I am as an artist. What do I want to focus on and why. I've been experimenting over the past year and this show reflects that in the different subjects and styles. I have a better 'picture' of where I want to go….but I’ve said that before.  



A detailed set of directions can be found here. We sell artwork prior to the show. If you're interested in purchasing a piece, please go to our contact us page. Half of all the proceeds benefit alteredtails.org.